Body Mind Heart retreat – μια εβδομάδα ευεξίας στην όμορφη Σύμη

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Η φυσιολόγος και εκπαιδεύτρια Σοφία Μπελόκα, με έδρα τις Βρυξέλλες, διοργανώνει μια εβδομάδα στην ακριτική Σύμη, για την άσκηση του πνεύματος και του σώματος.

Το πρόγραμμα της 6ήμερης διαμονής στην Σύμη περιλαμβάνει μαθήματα γιόγκας, πιλάτες, ολιστική θεραπεία και ασκήσεις αναπνοής, διαλογισμό, διατροφή σε έναν πλήρη κύκλο μαθημάτων με στόχο την εσωτερική γαλήνη και την ισορροπία καρδιάς – σώματος – μυαλού.

Αναλυτικό πρόγραμμα και πληροφορίες τόσο για την διαμονή όσο και για το κόστος του προγράμματος, στο επισυναπτόμενο αρχείο (pdf).

27 Σεπτεμβρίου με 3 Οκτωβρίου 2017

Σύμη – Iapetos Village HOTEL

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27 September-3 October 2017

An experience to re-discover the phenomenon of LIFE through Body Mind Heart coaching in Symi, Greece. Spend one week on the beautiful Island of Symi, filled with yoga, Pilates and mindfulness with holistic coaching on movement, sleep, nutrition, breathing meditation, mindset training and Chakra re-balance. An awesome, unique combination to harmonize the Body-Mind-Heart altogether.

We are three different professionals linking together body-mind-heart techniques; we love what we do and we wish to share our unique techniques with each one of you, in a wonderful combination of nature and architecture on the small island of Symi.

What if you could create greater balance and a healthier daily routine through tips you can easily practise back in your city lifestyle during the winter? What if you could wake up more excited in the morning, had more focus and energy, more meaningful relations and productive work? Ideal tools that work for you to realign yourself when you feel that life is not treating you well?

During the week, the daily programme will consist of morning meditation and yoga by our Yoga instructor, followed by body energy and mindfulness sessions with holistic coaching by our Holistic Exercise Physiologist. Time for rest, or beach activity or hiking throughout the day. Later in the afternoon, a Pilates session with breathing exercises guided by our sophrologist. By the end of the week you will receive customized advice regarding your personal, holistic lifestyle on nutrition, sleep, breathing meditation and exercise intensity for your daily performance so you can return with learning tools that help you to better cope with your stress and keep up a healthier lifestyle, healthier relations with yourself and others, more focus on your work: a happier version of YOU.

Priority of the retreat: we eat and drink what we like, and everything is optional, including all the coaching classes. If you are tired and feel like skipping one, no one will judge you. We make sure there is always fun and adventure and a warm group feeling.

We enjoy ourselves, we enjoy the holiday as much as the activities.

If you feel you would like even more personalised care, out of the package price you can take personal sessions on various trainings you prefer: Yoga, Pilates, Holistic coaching, Hormonal balance, Nutrition, Exercise from Tai Chi til Running and Cross Fit, Sophrology, Regression, Breathing, Massage.

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